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        Tel:+86-20  87230299

        Fax:+86-20  87255880

        WeChat: begonia411

        Email: info@bodapaper.com

        Item# Materials Folds Specification Packaging Qty/40HQ Pictures
        Beverage Napkin
        BN23001 Virgin Paper 16gsm 1/4 23cm*23cm, 2ply 250pcs/pack 12packs/ctn 3000pcs/ctn 2700ctns

      1. BN23002 Virgin Paper 17gsm or 19gsm 1/4 23cm*23cm, 1ply 500pcs/pack 8packs/ctn 4000pcs/ctn 2950ctns

      2. BN25001 Virgin Paper 16gsm 1/4 25cm*25cm, 2ply 250pcs/pack 16packs/ctn 4000pcs/ctn 2150ctns

      3. BN25002 Virgin Paper 17gsm or 19gsm 1/4 25cm*25cm 500pcs/pack 8packs/ctn 4000pcs/ctn 2400ctns

      4. PN001 virgin 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/9 Customized from 23cm to 43cm Customized 600-3000cases

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