Remediation, Environmentally Friendly Cleaning and Asset Protection are the building blocks of the MFStek RECAPture Program - allowing industrial end users to regain or capture lost water, energy and product through inefficiencies in existing processes. Included in this program is the:

  • Remediation and reallocation of on-site waste water using PUREtek.
  • Environmentally Friendly industrial cleaning chemical concentrates diluted with the above mentioned treated water.
  • Asset Protection achieved through the deployment of nano and micro scale coatings which, due to layer functionality, are easier to clean with the above mentioned compatible cleaning solution..

This closed loop system allows the use of complimentary and proprietary products resulting in more efficient industrial cleaning process that is safer for end users and the environment.

. : Industrial Application Example

Oil and Gas operator manages 202,000 US Gallons of on-site waste water which is processed through on-site sump stations adjacent to vehicle cleaning bays. The water contains high levels of E-Coli bacteria, is merky due to suspended silicates and the sedimentation bed is toxic due to excessive growth of microbes and sludge. Vehicles are cleaned using traditional solvent based industrial degreasers, resulting in cleaning times and quality on par with industry standards.

  • Water is treated with PUREtek Water Remediation Additive, eliminating all microbial growth and organic matter encapsulating suspended silicates (causing buoyancy) while detoxifying the sedimentation bed through patented penetration molecule. Functioning within seconds or minutes, PUREtek self-cancels through use leaving no down stream residues.
  • Treated Water is mixed at a rate of 1:32 with, KARBONtek, a proprietary industrial degreasing technology with meets North American sustainability standards.
  • Cleaning solution is used to spray industrial fleet and heavy hauler vehicles using existing equipment and infrastructure. Vehicles are cleaned much more quickly due to soil rejection properties of nano or micro scale coating material that has been applied to all exposed surfaces.